years later, he became an independent entrepreneur in oil
affairs with activities in Africa, South America and the
Far East, which continue to this date.
Zvi Alexander is married to Rachel and they have two
children, Dr. Shaula Alexander Yemini, the founder
of “SMARTS” a successful American Software company
and Jacob (Kobi) Alexander, the founder of “COMVERSE
TECHNOLOGY” one of the largest HiTech companies in
Israel. Zvi and Rachel have five grandchildren.
Zvi Alexander is an internationally recognized
philatelist and collector of the Postal History of the
Holy Land, with many Large Gold Medals awarded during
the last 24 years in International Exhibitions around
the Globe. He is a member of many philatelic societies
in Europe, America and Israel, and a major contributor to
publications and books associated with Postal History.
The Alexander Collection in the Alexander Museum of
Postal History and Philately enabled us to build an
illuminating overview of the Postal History of the Holy
Land and to underscore through this story the way in
which the study of letters and documents opens window
onto social and general history. We are pleased now to
share some of this history with the public, together with
highlights of the fruits of Mr. Zvi Alexander’s passion of
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