The Alexander Collection
Milestones in the Postal History of the Holy Land
Curator of The Alexander Collection -
Exhibit & Catalogue: Zvi Aloni
Exhibit Design: Arch. Ori Glazer
Restoration: Marila Kon, Sigal BenZur
Catalogue editing & production: Gania Dolev
Catalogue design: Shira Soffer
English editing: Gail Aricha
Photography: Leonid Padrul-Kwitkowski
Front Cover:
Letter sent in the 1870’s from the German Consulate
in Jerusalem to the German Consulate in Jaffa
Back Cover:
Registered letter originating at Rishon LeZion,
mailed at Jaffa to Singapore, 1903
All Rights Reserved
Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv
Printed In Israel
Illustrations sources:
Central Zionist Archive, Jerusalem (pp. 84, 88)
Palmach Museum Archive (pp. 157, 162, 170, 179)
Jabotinsky institute, Israel (p. 164)
Eretz Israel Museum, Collection (p. 94)
Engravings (pp. 20, 28, 67)
Picturesque Palestine
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(p. 17)
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